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Cheese Serum Filters

To filter solid particles in your solutions, SODEVA, French manufacturer and manufacturer of industrial vibrating screens and ultrasonic equipment offers the filtration solution capable of receiving your liquids at high flow rates (40m3/h) to render them clean of any particles greater than 20µm. The dried solid material is automatically removed from the sieve.

Filtration allows the extraction of proteins, lactose or milk replacers in food supplements.

With integrated cleaning nozzles to allow permanent operation. Cleaning process C.I.P, washing ramps with omnidirectional spray balls, high part in the lid, low in the lower ferrule under the canvas and in the chutes.

The filtration rate is high at 40/50 m³ hour, we can put several filters in series.


  • Mild or acidic lactoserums
  • Globular proteins
  • lactose
  • Milk replacers
  • Concentrates
  • Casein
  • serum proteins, (lactoglobulins, albumins, lactoferrins, caseinoacropeptides)
  • Cheese production (annealing, ricotta, serac, etc.)


  • Cleaning in place with 2% soda solutions 70°C and 1.5% nitric acid 60°C. These filter sieves do not disassemble each production because they have their own integrated cleaning system.

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Filtration sérum de fromagerie

Filtration sérum de fromagerie

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