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The company

Sodeva has subsidiaries in the United States to serve its markets.
SODEVA TDS (RCS Chambéry 493 657 415, capital 360 000 €)

Company Manager

Francois Vulcain

Francois Vulcain

Sodeva has specialized in the manufacture of ultrasonic systems since its creation. Its achievements have made it a leader in the design and manufacture of ultrasonic pelletizers for the electronics industry. The German group Heraeus acquired this technology and allowed Sodeva to develop its ultrasonic systems for food cutting and ultra fine powder sieving.

Our patents and the performance of our ultrasonic systems allow us to provide machines totally manufactured and designed at Sodeva and delivered to our customers worldwide.

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Let's drastically reduce cutting losses

SODEVA spoke to the IESIEL engineering alumni association. Discover how to drastically reduce cutting losses.

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