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Manufacturer of sieves and ultrasonic equipment, SODEVA extends the life of your sieves of all brands by performing the lining, operation that consists in replacing the defective canvas with a new one glued in compliance with the strict rules of the interlining.

Your chassis, all brands, are cleaned and stripped then a new screen cloth is arranged, tensioned and glued with tension and controls allowing prolonged use and good flow. Specific protocols are respected according to your specifications for pharmaceutical sieving and cosmetic sieves.

Specialist in ultrasound technology, SODEVA ensures systematic control of the ultrasonic ring, repairs it if necessary, and performs pre-trip tests to give you the optimal frequency settings so that the acoustic set of your ultrasonic cleaning can work in the ideal frequency, without snagging the parasitic heating and destructive frequencies of the material.

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Qualities and advantages

  • All types of sieve brands
  • Detonation by immersion in bath
  • Chassis cleaned of all impurities,
  • No aggressive mechanical action on the chassis
  • Treatment of glued surfaces by micro-sanding
  • Controlled and uniform voltage
  • In case of emergency, quick interlining
  • Control and quality reports
  • Our Options: Pharmaceutical Glue, Food Glue, Baffle Addition, Mesh Vacuum Control Certificate


  • Controlled and verified canvas tension
  • Systematic testing of the ultrasonic ring
  • Provision of your generator settings

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