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Ultrasonic cleaning under 500 µm with bales

When the powder is poured onto a canvas, the vibrations and oscillations generated by the motors coupled to the screen frame may not be sufficient, especially if the powders are fine below 500 µm. Powders clog the mesh voids of canvases, slowing or blocking and clogging the passage of powders.

We propose several types of cleaning to keep the sieving fluid.

  • Ultrasonically, with the Soniscreen ®, the canvas is fixed on the chassis that holds it and the same chassis is connected to a transmitter and a generator that make it vibrate about 35,000 times per second (35 KHz), which allows easy passage of powders. We can adapt this device on all types of sieves.
  • By balloons under the canvas, these spheres located below the canvas will strike the canvas regularly and facilitate the passage of powders.

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Ultrasonic sieving or with spheres

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Soniscreen pour tous tamiseurs

Soniscreen pour tous tamiseurs

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